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Donate to WKDS!


Donate to WKDS~!


Dear WKDS Listener,


Thank you for considering a sponsorship with 89.9 FM WKDS the Beat of Kalamazoo.  Our station is entirely non-profit and relies on donations from local businesses in the Kalamazoo and surrounding communities. 


WKDS is run by high school students who gain valuable real world experience in the field of broadcasting and communications.  Students perform multiple duties, such as hosting live on-air shows, promotions, studio and production work.  WKDS is open to all 11th and 12th grade students who live in and/or attend a high school in Kalamazoo county. 


In recognition of their hard work, they have won an unprecedented number of MAEB awards for the first time in 2005.  Our goal is to serve the community by providing the latest news and a wide variety of musical styles which is informative and valuable to the Kalamazoo area. 


I sincerely hope you consider a sponsorship or donation to WKDS.  We feel a sponsorship with our station will be a valuable asset to your company or business. 


Thank you for your support of WKDS. We are not staffed during the summer, so we will be able to make announcements of your donations when we are back.  In the meantime, we appreciate any donations and they will be acknowledged.





Carole Fletcher

Program Director/Teacher

WKDS Radio


WKDS  89.9 FM

Sponsorship/Underwriting Opportunities

Underwriting provides local businesses, individuals and other organizations a chance to help fund WKDS.  Unlike commercial broadcast stations, which receive funding from advertising sales, 89.9 relies on contributions from the community to enhance the existing budget provided by EFE and the Kalamazoo Public Schools. 


Marketing Benefits

Your business will benefit from being a WKDS underwriter, through cost effective, specifically targeted marketing.  During the school year, your business will receive name recognition without all that commercial “clutter”, while at the same time building your business image with WKDS listeners.  Program underwriting on WKDS is more than just a commercial advertisement: sponsorship gets your message out and shows your support of public education and the local broadcast services.


Important Guidelines

Underwriting credits can contain:

The name of the underwriter/sponsor


Business phone number

Description of a product line or business


Underwriting credits cannot contain:

Comparative or qualitative descriptions

Price information; including mentions of discounts, specials or savings

A call for the listener to act


A Sample Announcement:


Support for WKDS Radio comes from Family Fare Supermarkets, where fresh is best.  Located at 777 Westnedge, in Portage on West Main and in the Evergreen Shopping Center.  For more information on sponsoring 88.9 FM WKDS call 337-0899. 





Sponsorship Opportunities


General Sponsorship

During the school year, WKDS will air a donor announcement for your business, on a rotating basis, with other general sponsors.  This is the best, cost-effective way to reach the largest number of our listeners.  Donor announcements air an average of four to five times a day. 



6 months                  1 Year

$200                           $300



Other sponsorship Opportunities

Live Reads

15 daily mentions/per week

Donation $75


Prize donations

Whenever possible, WKDS gives away prizes in exchange for mentions of the business donating the prize.  For every $25 value prize, you will receive a mention of your business and/or event at least 3 times a day/25-30 times a week. 


One Time Donation to WKDS

WKDS will always accept a one time donation from an individual or business.  In exchange, during the school year we will announce your donation as part of a regularly scheduled spot announcing donors.  You may make your donation in someone else’s name, for example as a birthday gift, anniversary or special day. 


Disclaimer:  Any donation made to WKDS will be placed in the WKDS Radio fund at Loy Norrix High School.  In the event that the funds are not used, for example if the class is not offered for the semester, the funds will remain in the account and be used only for the radio station when the class is offered and the station is operational again.  In addition, any announcements for donations will be done during the school year as the station is not staffed during the summer.  We want to thank you in advance for any donations sent in to help support us. When we are back to full operation, you will be acknowledged. 




Donation Form for WKDS Radio


I would like to make a donation to WKDS:


___  One time donation in the amount of $ _________


___  Sponsorship/Underwriting in the amount of $_________


___  Prize Donation of ____________  Valued at $________





Address _______________________




Phone _________________________


Business Address and Phone ________________________




While school is in session, please Call Ms. Carole Fletcher at 337-0220  ext. 2272 to make arrangements.

At other times of the year, mail to:  WKDS 606 E. Kilgore Rd., Kalamazoo, MI 49006




Have Great Day: From The Staff At W.K.D.S.!